The Nobel Prize was created-to support humanism and progress.

Right now, heroic defenders of Ukraine have stood in the way of aggression and barbarism. Thanks to them, even in such. extreme conditions, we will be able to tell for what, to whom, and most importantly, why the 2022 Nobel Prize was awarded.

As always, you will hear the best Ukrainian scientists, economists, writers and human rights defenders at the sixth NOBILITET.

Let the voice of reason sound louder than the alarm sirens. Do not miss the Kyiv pre-party of the 2022 Nobel Award, which will take place on December 3.

The event will take place in a hybrid format: only 50 people, will be able to attend the live event, but we have many online tickets.

For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense, the National Guards and other representatives of the defense forces, the online event is free. Do not miss the unique opportunity to fully enjoy lectures and communication with well-known speakers live.

Looking forward to seeing you!




What did problems quantum physics see in the fundamental concept of reality and what does it have to do with the coming revolution in information technology?


How did the love story of the ancestors of modern humans with Neanderthals and unknown hominids become the impetus for a new discipline?


How to turn every event of your life, from a whirlwind romance to the death of your mother, Into text and get recognition


Is it possible to create a complex organic molecule as easily as clicking your fingers?


Why do banks exist, how do they help to survive crises and will they disappear someday?


It is about the first Ukrainian Nobel Prize award, as well as how to give a prize for criticizing the authorities and get criticism for the authority to give prizes.




She is Executive Director of the Center for Civil Liberties and winner of this year's Nobel Prize. Her responsibility includes international advocacy for the results of the Center's work. She is currently in Kyiv and coordinates mobile groups documenting war crimes of the Russian army as part of the Tribunal for Putin initiative in Kyiv oblast. Since 2017, Oleksandra has been banned from entering the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. It is not possible to get a response from the Russian Federation, which exactly caused the ban.


Yevhen Dubohryz

He is one of the best Ukrainian experts in banks, banking supervision and central banking. Yevhen works at the CASE UKRAINE center, where he analyzes banks and the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). Prior to that, he worked for four years at the National Bank as Deputy Director of the department and Head of the macroprudential policy department, conducted stress tests of banks, dealt with banking supervision and regulation, analyzed the financial system and took an active part in building a modern NBU. Yevhen is the author of permanent columns in Forbes, NV, Livy Bereh and other publications, where he professionally and wittily talks about how Ukrainian economy and Ukrainian banks work.



He is an organic chemist, a young professor and a senior researcher at the Kyiv National University named after Taras Shevchenko, as well as a scientific consultant of the well-known Ukrainian private chemical company Enamine. He knows about the click chemistry firsthand. Together with colleagues, he participated in the development of new reagents for it. Oleksandr successfully combines university teaching, research and business consulting, and is also an ardent fan of rock music, in particular progressive metal.



She is an editor of publishing projects in the publishing house Tempora, a teacher at literary courses of educational platforms Litosvita, Prometheus and others. She is a literary columnist of the Ukrainian Week, Lecturists, Chitomo, Critical Panch. She is a member of the jury of the Prize of the President of Ukraine, Scholarship of the President of Ukraine, Espresso. Readers Choice and other awards. She is the author of essays and columns about the war included in Polish, French and German anthologies. In addition, just as importantly, Bohdana is the owner of a fat British cat named Khemul.



He is Doctor of Biological Sciences, a leading researcher at the Institute of Zoology named after I. I. Schmalhausen of the NAS of Ukraine. Pavlo Holdin explores the evolution of modern and extinct cetaceans and other mammals, has works on paleontology and zooarchaeology, and participates in Paleogenomic research in the Black Sea region. Among other things, he described a new family of whales and discovered 'inner horns' in whales. His works have been published in such journals as Current Biology, eLife, Nature Communications, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Evolutionary Biology, Journal of Paleontology, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, My Science, and other professional publications.



Andrii is a professional scientist in quantum physics, a leading researcher at the Institute of Theoretical Physics named after M. M. Boholiubov. In addition, he teaches the basics of the latest quantum technologies at the Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko and at the Kyiv Academic University. Andrii is a co-author of scientific papers on the counterintuitive and unusual properties of quantum light and their application'to secure quantum communication. To a large extent, his scientific path is connected with Germany, where he worked for a long time at the University of Rostock. Andri is an active representative of the international quantum community, which allows him to constantly keep abreast of this turbulent direction of research and make his contribution to it.


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